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I Need to Get A Car Inspection, Do I Need Insurance?

There are two types of inspections that cars in the United States may need, regardless of where in the United Stets you are, you’re going to at least need a safety inspection. In some states, you have to have a safety inspection and an emission inspection. What are these inspections, and do you need car insurance to get them done? Let’s see!

Can I Get My Inspections Without Insurance?

So, you are getting ready to go and get your inspection done on your car so you can dive it on the road legally. But do you need to have your car insured to get these inspections? The simple answer is yes! When you drive up to the inspection station the nice lady or gentleman there is going to ask you for three things.

Proof of Insurance: Most if not all inspection stations are going to ask you for proof of insurance. You are wanting to drive your car on the road, and you need to have insurance to do that, so they assume that you have it.

Payment: Whether your car passes or fails the inspections you’re going to have to pay the folks that do it for you, so a form or method of payment is required.

Current Photo ID: You need to show that you have a license and can be legally driving the car!

The bottom line here is that you have to drive your car to the inspection station on public roads. Driving a car on public roads means that you need valid registration, valid insurance, and a valid driver's license to get there!

Can You Drive A Car Without It Being Registered?

The penalties for driving a car without it being registered are much lower than driving a car without it being insured. If you do not have valid registration you may face a ticket, if you do not have insurance then you are putting yourself and others at risk and this could result in a suspended license, your car being towed and impounded plus you having to pay any and all costs out of pocket for an accident. State laws vary and a driver could get in equal trouble for not having valid registration, but it is less likely on average.

If you have to drive your car unregistered there are states that offer special deals to people. Some states will allow a driver to get temporary registration. This means that you can drive the car around until you can get an inspection or pass an inspection that your car failed. These special registrations are typically only for 30 to 45 days.

If you had just bought the car then some states give you a little leeway. They will allow you to drive the car from the place of purchase, like the dealership, to the place of storage. Usually, the first place of storage is going to be your own house or driveway. This way you can get the car home and start working on all of the DMV paperwork to get inspections, license plates and valid registration in your name.

I Can Drive It but Can I Renew My Registration Without Insurance?

Basic answer? No. Once your car has passed all the necessary state inspection you need to go to your local department of motor vehicles or DMV, to finish the registration process. This is where car insurance is required. By law, you have to have proof of car insurance before you can legally register your vehicle.

Car insurance proves that you are covered to drive on public roads n case anything happens. There is a minimum car insurance coverage requirement per state so double check that you have enough car insurance to drive in your city. Calling the DMV before you go to register your vehicle would be a quick way to make sure that your documentation and insurance are all valid so you can get in and out as quickly a possible.

Some states even offer online registration if you have proof of insurance and all the other proper documents!

An added step for when you are searching for car insurance would be to shop around once you know what kind of car insurance you need. Each car insurance company offers different rates and coverage so comparing who has the best options for you can help you get the proper coverage while saving a few bucks here and there.

Make sure that your car insurance doesn’t expire, and you can pay the monthly premiums too! If you miss a payment, there is usually not a grace period and then you will be an uninsured motorist and you could get a lot of pricey consequences. If you are aware that some financial hardships are coming to call your insurance agent to see if you can change coverage options to make it a little cheaper as well!

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