Insurance Discounts for Security Systems

One of the most significant ways to save money on car insurance is shopping around to different companies. Different auto insurance providers use different formulas to determine the rates people pay on their automobile insurance plans. In addition to variables like age, location, and the type of vehicle a person drives, auto insurance companies give discounts for things that are known to statistically lower the likelihood a person will get into an accident or file a claim. The list of car insurance discounts available to people is extensive, though it can vary from one car insurance company to the next. Make sure to use the tools at Insurance to find the best prices on car insurance and get the top car insurance policy to suit your needs. Knowing the different types of car insurance discounts that are available, including those for security systems on your vehicle, can help you save.

Types Of Car Alarms And Vehicle Security Systems

There are multiple different types of car insurance discounts people can get, and having a car alarm or other vehicle security system can lower your insurance premiums significantly. The discount a person can get on their automobile insurance is dependent on how effective the security system is, and what type of security system the vehicle has. Keep in mind that discounts for car security systems are applied to the related type of insurance plan, which is comprehensive insurance in this case. A person’s comprehensive insurance policy will cover people in cases of theft and vandalism. If a person does not have comprehensive automobile insurance, the discount they will get for having an alarm will be very small and, in some cases, nonexistent.

Most car insurance providers offer discounts for vehicles that have car alarms. Car alarms decrease the likelihood that a car will be stolen. The term car alarm can apply to a wide variety of alarm systems, as well as other security systems.

One type of car alarm system is a passive car alarm. These come standard on most new vehicles. When people hear the term car alarm, this is likely what they are thinking of. A passive alarm is an alarm that does not need to be activated by the driver. As an alarm that activates itself automatically when you lock your vehicle, it is there and protecting your car often.

Active car alarms are another kind of car alarm system. These alarms need to be activated by the driver. Other than this, active car alarms are similar to passive ones. Loud alarms sound when the vehicle detects an intruder. In some cases, a vehicle will have a separate alarm button on the key fob that people can press to activate this type of alarm system.

Silent alarms are also available and can be found on certain models of newer vehicles. Triggered by a break in or theft event, this type of alarm activates itself silently and notifies the car owner. Some silent alarms will call the owner, while others send a notification to their phone. The car alarm does not alert people in the vicinity and may not scare the thief away, but does allow the car owner to take other action quickly.

There are also more advanced security systems, such as LoJack and OnStar. These systems can detect a break-in, shut down a vehicle remotely, and contact the police in some cases.

How Much Of A Discount Can You Get For A Car Alarm?

Different types of car security systems can get different discounts from car insurance carriers. Not only that, but many car insurance providers give different amounts of discounts for different types of systems. Shopping around is the best way to determine which company will give you the most discounts overall and charge the least amount of money for an auto insurance plan that suits your needs. More advanced car security systems, like OnStar or LoJack, often get larger discounts.

Final Notes

Use the tools on this website to find the best car insurance policy for you. By comparing prices from multiple companies, you can get the largest discounts available. Make sure to compare car insurance rates from multiple companies every few years to verify that you are getting the best possible rates on your plan. As a website, Insurance provides the top tools to get you set up with the cheapest car insurance policy. Get free quotes today.

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