Is Car Insurance Required to Drive?

There are millions of people in the United States that drive uninsured every day. So, it must not be that bad right and maybe even legal? If that many people are doing it, it could be fine. No. Driving without car insurance is illegal and you could get in some major trouble if you are caught driving without being insured. Car insurance not only protects you and your vehicle potentially, but it can also protect those around you on the roads.

What Are the Laws About Car Insurance Coverage?

The laws about car insurance are pretty simple, you have to have it to operate your vehicle, period. Car insurance protects you on the road just in case anything happens. It can also protect your car by covering things like theft, like vandalism and even car accidents. Car insurance may even cover medical bills associated with car accidents for you, a passenger or even the other car’s passengers and driver.

If you don’t have car insurance and something happens then you could be paying for everything out of pocket. That could range from a couple hundred for a scratched door to thousands for medical bills and damages to another person’s car or your own. Past that there could be legal issues for driving without insurance like fines, tickets and even having your car towed and impounded which is even more money out of pocket.

Who Is Actually Insured Me or The Car?

This varies state by state. In some states, you yourself need to be insured in order to drive a car or even have a license. In other states only the car needs to be insured and then there are places where both you and the car need to be insured in order to drive it legally on the street.

The best thing to do if you aren’t sure is to call your local DMV and ask what they require so you can drive! Regardless though of who or what is insured you do have to have some type of car insurance to be able to register a vehicle with your DMV.

Can I Drive Another Person’s Insured Car Without My Own Insurance?

If you do not own a car and have no type of insurance whatsoever for yourself then you need to check with the owner of the vehicle about what their insurance policy covers. Some insurance coverage will cover other drivers if they are put on the policy as permitted drivers and some will not. If the owner is unsure then ask them to call their insurance company and double-check before you drive the vehicle just in case.

Usually car insurance covers the vehicle and not the actual person in the vehicle unless stated otherwise so always check that the car you are driving if it is not you, is covered. See if your insurance covers you driving other cars and if no one is sure then call the insurance company to double-check and ask questions. This way everyone can be safe and covered on the roads just in case of accidents.

Overall when in doubt call and ask. The insurance companies would much prefer that you call them to double-check what your policy then you be caught on the streets without coverage. The fine and consequences for being without insurance or making a mistake about what the insurance covers is not worth the risk. Take the time, make the call and make sure that you and your car are safe!

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