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Since its inception, American Family Car Insurance has been growing and expanding. It has continued to be based out of Madison Wisconsin, and has grown to include providing homeowners insurance policies, medical insurance policies, life insurance policies, and commercial insurance policies. The company has over 10,000 employees and 3,000+ top car insurance agents. The company does business in 19 states and ranks highly among the best auto insurance providers.

American Family Car Insurance provides some of the most competitive rates for people with clean driving records. In states that allow it, American Family Car insurance does use credit scores in determining rates, as well as a large number of other factors. Younger drivers can expect to pay more for a policy with American Family Auto Insurance. For many demographics, however, the rates are extremely competitive, and it is good to know that customer service is important to the company. As always, it is important to compare rates from multiple insurance companies so you can get the best price on car insurance for your needs.

Pros and Cons

American Family Insurance has a number of positives and negatives that may affect whether or not they are the best car insurance company for you. They have a number of great car insurance features, provide a variety of car insurance discounts, and offer competitive pricing for drivers of all ages. American Family Insurance provides excellent customer service, and they are ranked highly in insurance claims service as well.

In terms of negatives, American Family Insurance is not available in every state. You will want to check to see if American Family Auto Insurance is available in your state because it is a great company to get a free auto insurance quote from. Hopefully, they expand soon and become available in even more places. While a very small negative, you will need to provide a vehicle VIN number and order to get a free car insurance quote through AFI. This can have an effect on people who have not yet purchased a vehicle but want to see what the rates will look like through the company.

Auto Insurance Coverages

American Family Insurance is not the highest ranked company in customer service, but many people have had excellent experiences with the provider. Where the company really excels is in the cost of car insurance premiums. You can find cheaper car insurance premiums at American Family Auto Insurance versus a number of other top car insurance companies.

American Family Insurance provides all of the basic car insurance types but does not have a large amount of bonus insurance offerings. You can get liability insurance coverage, collision insurance coverage, comprehensive insurance coverage, medical auto insurance coverage, and a number of other typical insurance coverage types.

Auto Insurance Quotes

Getting free quotes for car insurance is easy to do with American Family Insurance, and the rates that are offered through this company tend to be lower on average than many of their competitors. Another thing to note is that there are a few demographics that tend to get better rates on car insurance through American Family Insurance than other demographics. This includes car insurance for single 25-year-old unmarried females. One of the only age demographics were American Family Insurance was more expensive than many competitors was single 25-year-old males.

Auto Insurance Discounts

There are plenty of other types of insurance that AmFam Insurance offers, including homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, boat insurance, condo insurance, and many other types of insurance that can be coupled together with your car insurance policy to get the best discounts.

American Family Insurance offers multi-vehicle discounts on car insurance, as well as loyalty discounts, early-bird discounts, good driving discounts, low mileage discounts, young volunteer discounts (which gives people under the age of 25 a discount for doing 40 hours of volunteer work per year with a nonprofit), and numerous others. They even have a number of billing discounts, safety discounts, and generational discounts if a person’s mother or father is an American Family customer.

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