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A large number of people who prefer talking to a car insurance agent in-person get their insurance coverage through Encompass Auto Insurance. This company provides quotes for their top auto insurance policies utilizing auto insurance agents and auto insurance brokers. They do not offer quotes online, nor can people sign up online for automobile insurance. The company offers insurance policies in over 30 states, meaning that people living in some states will not be able to find coverage with them.

Roadside assistance is included with your policy, and policies are 12 months in length. While you cannot get a quote online, you can file for claims online, as well as over the phone or with an agent. There are perks that Encompass Car Insurance offers, including new-car protection and accident forgiveness coverage. Accident forgiveness insurance is a paid add-on, however. One of the large benefits of Encompass Insurance is that they offer many different types of insurance, so you can keep all of your policies in one company.

Pros and Cons

Keeping all of your insurance policies under multiple companies can be extremely confusing. There are multiple bills, multiple premiums, and multiple payments, all of which need to be taken care of. Encompass Insurance offers a wide array of different policy types, not only for car owners, but also for homeowners, business owners, and more. The coverage that Encompass Insurance offers is very flexible, bringing multiple insurance coverage options and coverage add-ons to the table. Once you have a policy, you can go online to pay your bills and access your policy information.

Automobile Insurance coverage from Encompass Insurance is not available in every state, but is available in more than 30 states in the country. The company offers great deals on antique car insurance, something to keep in mind if you have a classic car. Unfortunately, there is no online application that can be used to receive a quote from the company. You will need to call an Encompass agent to get a free car insurance quote.

Auto Insurance Coverages

Offering all of the basic car insurance coverages, and a few additional car insurance coverage types that are not offered other places, Encompass Insurance can be an excellent fit for many people. They can provide liability insurance coverage, comprehensive insurance plans, uninsured motorist coverage, underinsured motorist liability coverage, and other basic forms of automobile insurance policies.

Additionally, they have enhanced accident forgiveness, accident forgiveness, lease gap coverage, and new-car replacement coverage.

Auto Insurance Quotes

With Encompass Insurance, you get the added personal touch of having a car insurance agent. Having someone to talk to in person or over the phone that is dedicated to you and your needs is a major perk. For many people, however, they prefer to get their car insurance quotes online. You can save money with a car insurance quote from Encompass Insurance, and when you purchase a policy, you will have access to paying your bills and reviewing your policy online. Since there is no way to get a free quote for auto insurance online, you will need to contact an agent.

Auto Insurance Discounts

Encompass Insurance offers a wide variety of discounts to policyholders. In addition to many of the typical discounts that people can get, like a safe driving bonus, bundled policy discounts, defensive driver discounts, and antilock brake discounts, there are a few more unique discounts that are offered by Encompass Insurance. These include a new car discount, a future effective date discount, a resident student discount, and others as well. The company offers financing calculators, accident fact kits, and a great app as well.

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