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Esurance Car Insurance Review review

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Esurance has average customer satisfaction ratings in line with many other top automobile insurance providers in the United States. One of the places where Esurance excels is with their prices on automobile insurance coverage for younger drivers. With competitive rates for younger drivers, and many other demographics as well, plus the high-tech tools the company offers, Esurance is the best choice for many drivers.

As a company, Esurance provides automobile insurance plans in a wide variety of states, all of which are located in the continental US. In addition to not offering policies in Alaska or Hawaii, the company also does not provide insurance coverage to drivers in Montana, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Delaware. For all of the states that Esurance offers insurance plans in, consider getting a free quote for auto insurance now. First, however, read up on the positives and negatives of getting a car insurance policy from Esurance.

Pros & Cons

For people living in all of the states listed above, which do not offer auto insurance policies from Esurance, the biggest con is that you will not be able to get a quote for automobile insurance from Esurance. There are many positive aspects of the company, including its Superior rating in financial strength from A. M. Best. Another major benefit is Esurance’s large variety of tech options to make changing your policy, paying bills, and getting more information easier to do.

Auto Insurance Coverages

Esurance offers all of the most prominent car insurance policies, including liability insurance, comprehensive insurance, collision insurance, underinsured motorist coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, medical payments coverage, and others as well. In the state of Oregon, Esurance also offers Pay Per Mile insurance. Also, the company gives drivers the option to get additional discounts for good driving by using its DriveSense technology.

Roadside assistance, loan/lease coverage, and customized parts and equipment coverage are also available from Esurance. Consider getting homeowners insurance, as well as protection for motorcycles and other vehicles, from the company.

Auto Insurance Quotes

Getting an automobile insurance quote from Esurance is easy to do, and it can be done quickly and efficiently online. Using the tools found on this site, you can get a quote for Esurance car insurance and compare rates with other companies. Take the time to look at how raising and lowering your deductibles, as well as your limits, will affect your automobile insurance premiums. In addition, consider which other types of auto insurance coverage, beyond the state minimum in your state, you will want to purchase.

Auto Insurance Discounts

Another significant benefit of Esurance is that the company partners up with a variety of other affiliates and companies to help provide additional types of insurance policies. Offering policies like business insurance plans, commercial auto insurance, cell phone insurance, and numerous other types of insurance, multi-policy discounts are available. There are many different types of discounts that Esurance offers as well, like multi-vehicle discounts, safety features discounts, good driver discounts, and a range of others.

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