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Metromile is a unique car insurance company that offers pricing based on mileage, and is a company that is designed to provide car insurance for people who do not drive a lot. If you live in a state that provides Metromile auto insurance policies, you can save money on car insurance with this type of policy. The Metromile Insurance Company provides policies to people who live in Arizona, California, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington.

With policies that are generally aimed at people living in cities, the company markets that many people who drive fewer than 10,000 miles per year can save hundreds of dollars on car insurance policies with them. The company does track mileage, so if you are okay with that, Metromile could be the best car insurance choice for you.

Pros and Cons

This is a newer company, and one that is expanding to new states as often as they can. There is both a base rate and a per mile rate, and each of these is determined using a number of variables, typical with car insurance providers of all types. Using a device plugged into your automobiles diagnostic port, the company tracks the number of miles that you drive. Some people do not prefer to have their data tracked like this, and if you are that type of person than Metromile is not likely the company for you.

The pros of Metromile include cheaper rates on car insurance for people who do not drive as much, a fantastic mobile app where you can check your trip data, car health, and even find your parked car and or street sweeping alerts in order to avoid tickets. You can also view your policy documents through the app.

Auto Insurance Coverages

In addition to offering the general auto insurance coverage types, there are a few add-ons that you can get from Metromile. These include roadside assistance insurance, rental car reimbursement coverage, no deductible glass repair, and pet injury protection.

Whether you are looking for liability insurance coverage, collision insurance, comprehensive coverage, medical payment coverage, or any other type of basic insurance coverage, Metromile is a fantastic place to look.

Auto Insurance Quotes

Getting a free quote for car insurance at Metromile is easy to do, and you can get one online. Another benefit to Metromile is that the company does not charge people for more than 250 miles per day, so if you are planning on taking a road trip, you do not need to be worried about going over on your miles. Each quote includes a base rate and a per mile rate, and these rates are used to determine your premium.

Auto Insurance Discounts

Metromile was founded in 2011, making it a relatively new company in the world of automobile insurance. Because of the business plan the company has incorporated, only charging people for the miles that they drive, Metromile does not really offer any discounts. Fortunately, you can still save money on car insurance plans with Metromile due to not being charged for miles that are not driven. Make sure to get a free auto insurance quote and compare multiple policies to find the best deal on car insurance and the best car insurance company for you.

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