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Nationwide Car Insurance review

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Nationwide is an automobile insurance company that claims to be “on your side.” The company is based in Columbus, Ohio, and provides an array of policy types that can be tailored to fit your needs. They also offer financial services, which include retirement planning, annuities, banking services, and mutual funds. Additionally, Nationwide has a mobile app to keep everything flowing smoothly. This Nationwide Insurance review will give you a good look at what you need to know before purchasing a car insurance policy from Nationwide.

Pros and Cons

Nationwide does quite well with overall satisfaction, pretty good with price satisfaction, and they do well with customer service satisfaction as well. The company offers accident forgiveness insurance, new car replacement insurance, and a number of other policies that are not always provided with other companies. The website is easy to navigate, as is the mobile app. Complaints about Nationwide Insurance are lower than the industry median, and the ability to bundle car insurance with other types of coverage to save money is a benefit.

Nationwide insurance does not always charge the lowest rates, but they offer a solid number of services. Nationwide provides car insurance policies to almost all states, but do not offer service in Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, and Massachusetts. The company is also not the best choice for rideshare drivers.

Auto Insurance Coverages

Nationwide has an extensive range of policy options, including GAP insurance, family plans, vanishing deductibles, and more. There are agents available all over the country, so if you like to talk to someone in person Nationwide can be a solid choice for you. There is also the 24/7 claim center. All of the usual coverage types, including liability insurance coverage, collision insurance coverage, comprehensive insurance coverage, and others, are available at Nationwide.

Auto Insurance Quotes

Getting a quote for Nationwide insurance can be done online or with an agent. The company is the eighth largest provider for automobile insurance policies in the United States and has an extensive network. You can find free car insurance quotes online; quotes through an agent are also free. The company does not offer rideshare coverage, at least not on the personal auto insurance end of things. They do offer commercial car insurance, but this tends to be a little bit more expensive than competing car insurance companies offer for rideshare drivers.

Auto Insurance Discounts

One of the areas where Progressive excels is through its discounts. There are discounts for things like being accident-free and for bundling policies together, but there are also good student discounts, antitheft device discounts, discounts for going paperless, discounts for a defensive driving course completion, and several other discounts can also be found with the company. If you are a member of certain organizations, you can also get a discount on Nationwide insurance. Make sure to ask the groups that you are a member of if there are discounts on insurance, travel, and other things, that can help you save money.

Another fun part of getting a top car insurance policy from Nationwide is that the entire family can share discounts. If one member of the family is eligible for a discount, all of the other people on the policy will also get that same discount. This is even if the discount is a good student discount, and there is only one student in the household. This makes it even easier to save money on car insurance from Nationwide.

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