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Progressive Car Insurance review

4.5 from 2 reviews

Progressive auto insurance has been around for many years, and for people looking for how to find the best rates on car insurance policies, a quote from progressive should be on the checklist. There are many variables to consider when looking for the top car insurance provider, and while prices is one of them, you will also want to make sure that the companies offer what you are looking for. Progressive is a balanced company and worth a look.

Pros and Cons

Progressive has had fewer than the median number of complaints, and brings several perks to the table, including Name Your Price, showing competitor rates alongside their quotes, having resources for financing built into their system, and having an excellent mobile app.

The company does not excel at any one thing but does everything that it offers well. This could be a negative for some and a positive for others, but if the use of a company means anything, Progressives popularity speaks volumes.

Auto Insurance Coverages

Progressive provides the insurance coverage choices you would expect to see from a top car insurance provider. In addition to providing liability car insurance, comprehensive car insurance, collision car insurance, and all of the other basics, Progressive auto insurance company also provides roadside assistance, gap insurance, custom parts insurance, equipment value insurance, deductible savings opportunities, and even pet injury protection.

Gap insurance is coverage that will help you pay the costs of your vehicle that are owed to a leasing company or lending company if an accident occurs and your car is totaled. If you have custom parts on your car, Progressive gives you an opportunity to have those covered by insurance as well. If your pet is injured in an automobile accident, pet injury protection insurance can help give you peace of mind.

Progressive car insurance provides money coverage choices and add-ons, all of which can be included in a free car insurance quote from the company. Another thing to keep in mind is that Progressive auto insurance has rideshare insurance available in more than 30 states. This is perfect for drivers that have picked up being an Uber driver or Lyft driver as a source of income.

Auto Insurance Quotes

Like many other automobile insurance companies, Progressive insurance provides free car insurance quotes over the Internet. Remember, shopping around can help you save a lot of money on your auto insurance policy.

Auto Insurance Discounts

One of the things that Progressive Car Insurance is known for is its Snapshot program. Snapshot is a program where Progressive uses data about your driving habits, including speed, how much you drive, and at what hours your driving occurs. You get a discount simply for signing up for this program, and you can save even more money if you have safe driving habits.

Of course, there are many other discounts that are available through progressive as well, so you will want to reach out to the company to be able to take advantage of as many as you can. You can get discounts for bundling policies, and the company offers commercial auto insurance plans, boat insurance policies, and many other insurance policies for vehicles. You can also bundle a policy up with non-car insurance plans, but these will be offered through third-party companies.

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