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The General is known for its popular television commercials and for saving high-risk drivers money on their automobile insurance policies. With ads that have won multiple awards, including three at the Trolley Awards in 2012 in the category of animation, The General has captured people’s attention. They have had famous NBA basketball player Shaquille O’Neal as a spokesperson as well. More importantly, though, people need to know, "Have they proven themselves to be one of the best car insurance services out there?" This top automobile insurance review has the information you need to make that determination.

Pros & Cons

The General has both pros and cons, like most auto insurance providers. The company is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, and has been in business since 1963 selling automobile insurance plans. The General has an A.M. Best insurance rating of “A- Excellent” giving it a strong likelihood of being around for a long time. The General caters to drivers who are considered high risk, meaning that many automobile insurance providers will not provide these drivers with automobile insurance plans.

While there are negative auto insurance reviews out there for the company, there are also positive reviews. This is to be expected when looking at automobile insurance companies of this size. The General is not on lists of top car insurance companies for customer service, but many people have had a good experience with the provider.

Auto Insurance Coverages

For the most part, people who have good driving records are not going to want to purchase a policy from The General, due to the costs. While getting a quote from The General can be beneficial in some situations and areas for good drivers, the plans that are offered here are car insurance plans designed for high-risk drivers. They will be the ones that benefit the most. Many discounts are available from The General, and the company offers SR-22 insurance.

The General brings drivers not only the same minimum insurance coverages that people would for their need state, but also offer more substantial amounts of coverage for those interested.

Auto Insurance Quotes

Getting a quote from The General is easy to do. The company offers monthly installments and low down payment options for top auto insurance plans. Paying upfront for your entire policy can save you a lot of money, though monthly payments can often be a lot more convenient in the long run. There are many ways that drivers can save money on their automobile insurance quotes, including raising or lowering their deductible and/or raising or lowering their minimum limits. It is recommended to get a policy that has a deductible that you can afford if an emergency occurs, however.

Auto Insurance Discounts

The General offers several discounts, similar to many other automobile insurance providers in the country. Paying for your whole policy in advance can help you save money, but the company also has multi-policy discounts, as well as discounts for bundling. Through The General, you can receive auto insurance coverage, homeowners insurance coverage, RV insurance coverage, renters insurance coverage, and more. What The General offers from one state to the next can vary. The General gives discounts like good student discounts, driving training discounts, double deductible discounts, a military discount, a multi-car discount, and numerous others which allow customers to save more money.

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