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Founded in Cleveland Ohio, in the year 1983, Victoria Insurance is a relatively new company that offers car insurance for high-risk drivers. The company services the nonstandard auto insurance market and can be a good place to find high-risk car insurance plans.

Nationwide Insurance purchased the company, and just like Nationwide, is known for its customer service. This is one of just a few car insurance companies purchased by Nationwide that has not been rebranded. Victoria Auto Insurance also provides Fire and Casualty, Specialty Insurance, and also offers several other insurance types.

Pros and Cons

The biggest pro about Victoria Insurance is that it is a fantastic place for drivers who find it hard to get insurance other places, to get a car insurance plan that suits their needs. The company is only operating in just over 25 states, and the policies that are provided are sold through independent agents. For people who like interacting with independent agents, this is a positive, and for people who prefer to get their car insurance policies online, it could be a negative. That said, the site does have an Internet presence.

Auto Insurance Coverages

Victoria Insurance provides personal car insurance policies as well as commercial auto insurance plans. The availability of what they offer varies from one state to another, and while they have a website, there is not as much information on it as there could be. It does claim to offer competitive rates and low down payments, which are targeted at higher risk drivers.

It is important to note that many companies who provide nonstandard car insurance offer both full coverage policies and also policies that fit the minimum requirements the state they are purchased in requires. This can help people who need lower car insurance rates, but are also high-risk drivers, get car insurance plans that they can afford.

Auto Insurance Quotes

Getting a free quote from Victoria Insurance is easy to do, but you will need to call the company to get it. Free quotes for car insurance are only provided through a local agent. The company provides competitive rates, but even if you are a high-risk driver, you should shop around for the best rate possible by contacting multiple companies. Remember, this is not a company for drivers who are not high-risk. People looking for standard automobile insurance will likely find rates for car insurance that are lower from other companies.

Auto Insurance Discounts

For people who are looking for nonstandard car insurance coverage, Victoria is one of the places a quote should be obtained from. The company has fantastic financial stability, but it is important to keep in mind that nonstandard car insurance providers do not often offer nearly as many discounts standard auto insurance companies. The main benefits that Victoria Insurance offers are car coverage policies to high-risk drivers.

Another reason to reach out to Victoria Insurance is that they provide commercial auto coverage plans. Not all of the major auto insurance companies offer insurance for commercial drivers, but Victoria does, and they are worth taking a look at.

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