What Should You Know About Gap Insurance?

When a person buys a vehicle, it immediately starts depreciating in value. This means that when people get financing for cars and other vehi...

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How to Get Points Removed from Your License?

When people get pulled over, there are multiple types of infractions that they can get. Some of them are fines, with no effect on your insur...

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How Do I Recover My Deductible From the At-Fault Driver?

Who Pays My Deductible if a Car Accident isn’t My Fault? This is really a two-part question, as part of the decision is up to you. Wh...

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What is IRMAA?

With the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, there were many changes that happened to the Medicare Program. These changes included a ne...

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What is the health insurance penalty?

In the year 2019, the Health Insurance Penalty was eliminated. Donald Trump and congress eliminated the penalty. The last day of 2018 was th...

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Can I Laminate My Medicare Card?

Medicare is an important federal government program that helps people save money on their healthcare expenses. Your card is an important par...

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