If I Get Into An Accident, Will My Car Insurance Policy Be Canceled

If you are involved in an accident, there could be a great many things to take care of. Just after the accident, you will want to make sure...

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How Long Do Car Insurance Companies Keep Claims Records

Anyone who has experienced a car accident and tell you that they are no fun. Car accidents sometimes cause injury, damage, and sometimes dea...

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Penalty For Fake Insurance Card

Fake car insurance scams are surprisingly common. Many bargain hunters fall for promised savings of hundreds or thousands of dollars in savi...

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Will My Car Insurance Policy Be Canceled If I Get Into An Accident

Any time you file a claim, a series of events happen. Depending on your situation, this can affect your car insurance rates, and whether or...

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California Car Insurance

There are many fantastic reasons to live in California, it is a state that is filled with natural beauty from legendary parks like the Sequo...

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Florida Car Insurance

If you are moving to the Sunshine State, or live there already, get ready to enjoy the warm weather, friendly people, and often relaxed pers...

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