How long does it take to get health insurance coverage?

Getting health insurance plans is a process, and if you use all of the appropriate steps, you will have the best health coverage plan for yo...

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What’s the Difference Between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans?

Healthcare in the US is known to be expensive, and people spend a lot of time selecting the right plans for themselves and their families, a...

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What Happens If I Hit My Own Car?

Hitting your own car sounds silly, how would that even happen? Well, it does. Some families have more than one car and when yore in a rush a...

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I Need to Get A Car Inspection, Do I Need Insurance?

There are two types of inspections that cars in the United States may need, regardless of where in the United Stets you are, you’re go...

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Does Car Insurance Stick with the Car or Me?

You are getting ready to leave on your family vacation and you are all deciding who is going to take turns driving. Mom says the car insuran...

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Is Car Insurance Required to Drive?

There are millions of people in the United States that drive uninsured every day. So, it must not be that bad right and maybe even legal? If...

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